Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic treatment can correct blemishes and imperfections which may otherwise affect a person's self esteem.


If your dental requirements are purely cosmetic, you are most welcome to consult one of our practitioners.  We will deal sensitively with your needs, maintaining both clinical integrity and a realistic approach in terms of achievement, utilising the latest materials and techniques. 

Whitening or bleaching

Lifestyle teeth - excessive tea or coffee, smoking and eating strongly coloured foods can colour teeth.  As we age, the soft substance below the enamel that protects the nerves and the blood supply to the tooth (dentine) yellows.  Some toothpastes are designed to help remove the stains, but this alone will not work.


Not all of us are happy with the way our teeth look.  Maybe one of them is discoloured or chipped or perhaps it is slightly crooked.  Although the tooth may well be healthy, the way it looks can make us really self-conscious.  Your dentist can help by applying something called a veneer.


A dental veneer is a thin slice of (usually) porcelain.  The dentist fits these with precision over the surface of front teeth.  Veneers are an ideal way of treating unsightly and discoloured teeth, closing gaps, or the repair of chips and cracks.


The procedure - dentist removes an amount off the surface of the tooth; an impression is now taken matching the size and shape of the rest of your teeth.  The veneer will be applied with special glue on your second visit. 


Veneers can also be made of white filling material.  Acid is applied to your tooth to make it rougher - layers of filling material are added slowly.

How does the dentist whiten teeth?

Professional bleaching is the most common form of tooth whitening.  An impression of your teeth, upper and lower, using a special tray with dental putty will be taken; a plastic sleeve will be made which fits exactly around your teeth.  Small amounts of gel are placed in the sleeve and fitted over the teeth.




Problems can be caused by crooked or gaps between teeth.  Decay is caused by food and bacteria stuck in the space between teeth.  Teeth that stick out may cause mouth ulcers, decay, or speech problems.  A brace may be the best treatment for you.


Dr Girts Birins is pleased to provide a clear "invisible" brace system in suitable cases.