Dental plans;


Private Dental Care:

Available to all adult patients at initial registration.  A full range of treatment options and preventive advice is included.


Denplan Essentials:

Available to all patients at registration; some of our patients choose to spread the cost of their bi-annual routine checks and visits to the dental hygienist.


Treatments offered;


Study of gum disease.  Our specialist team offer their expertise for management of such conditions.



Artificial replacement of lost teeth through creation of a new root and crown system.  We offer different implant systems, please ask for details.



Treatment of infected root canal system.


Oral Surgery:

Treatment of pathologies in oral tissues.

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Treatment of dental disharmony and functional improvement of teeth

​General Dentistry:

As well as the initial examination, you may have further measurements taken of the oral structures, including radiographs, impressions for study casts and clinical photographs.  These are to help diagnose your condition, and to aid us in monitoring your progress.  Treatment required will be explained to you, and your dentist will be involved in the long term management of your case.   We can supply a wide range of materials and information to help you maintain your oral health, including videos and leaflets on various aspects of treatment.


Hygienist Services:

You will normally also be seen by the hygienist, who will advise you on particular oral hygiene measures appropriate to your needs, and will carry out some aspects of your treatment.

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